S2E8 - Au’Roq-Fas’il

June 5, 2017

Tonight on Dump Stats... The crew of the Christopher's Cross has a rough day at sea. Nero's recent chat with Voska may be coming back to bite the Bad Humanoids in the ass. Nathaniel takes a look through his mother's old journal, and has a supernatural experience of his own. 

Meanwhile, Jurm sets a course for a nearby port, planning to regroup and resupply. But with the way things are going lately, the ship and its crew might not make the journey in one piece.

One thing is certain...the Bad Humanoids are not alone...


S2E7 - Are You There Gods? It’s Me, Nero…

May 29, 2017

Tonight on Dump Stats...Happy Memorial Day! 

The Christopher's Cross is heading to New Gampshire, and the Bad Humanoids are doing their best to keep it together. Jurm is nursed back to health by an increasingly drunken Eldeth Smashington, Nathaniel recieves correspondence from his estranged mother, and Nero makes a very long distance call. 

With their rebellion in dire straits, the gang heads for New Gampshire with hopes of assistance from Nero's noble family. Nathanial learns more about Voska, Valía and his own family...and Jurm learns that getting in bar fiights with Half-Giants has consequences...

Will the Christopher's Cross reach safe harbor? Will Nero's curiosity cause problems for the crew? Will Nathaniel and Dash ever be a thing? Who knows? Find out on this episode of Dump Stats!



S2E6 - The Fresh Prince of New Gampshire

May 22, 2017

On this episode of Dump Stats... Jurm suffers the physical repercussions of the bar fight at the Los Tres Padres tavern, while Nathaniel and Dash try to cover their tracks with the local law enforcement. The Christopher's Cross gains two (and a half) new crew members, and Nero finally reunites with the Bad Humanoids!

What's next for the crew of The Christopher's Cross? Will their half-cocked rebellion ever find its legs? Will Nero take to his new alignment? Will Stellan Delgado ever stop stirring the proverbial pot? Will we ever get Stellan Skaarsgard to voice the part of Stellan Delgado? 

Find out on this brand new episode of Dump Stats!


S2E5 - Check Please!

May 15, 2017

Tonight on Dump Stats... The Bad Humanoids sit through an Open Mic Night (morning) and attempt to recruit some local ruffians for their cause. Though, they aren't really sure what their cause is! They need to keep a low profile, but that never seems to work out for our heroes. 

After bringing Nathaniel and Jurm up to speed on the goings on in Santa Ignacia, AceBuzz hits the stage for a rousing rendition of his favorite song. Dash Millenial shows off her musical, and magical, talents at the Los Tres Padres Open Mic Night, much to the delight of the entire bar.

How can a simple Open Mic Night turn into a disaster? Just listen and find out on this week's episode of Dump Stats!


S2E4 - Meet Høøtz

May 8, 2017

Tonight on Dump Stats... Nero begins to feel the dangerous consequences of his cosmic card game with Bean Hilltopple, the mysterious Halfling Bard he met in the Purple World. As Nero continues to explore this space between realities, he discovers new secrets about the Gods Voska and Valia, and rediscovers an old familiar with a new look and a bad attitude.

Meawhile, Jurm, Nathaniel and Dash are still at the Los Tres Padres tavern in Arakalia meeting with Acebuzz. He fills them in on everything thats been going on on Santa Ignacia since the Incident. Hambone, or Steven Delgado as he likes to be called, has been made Governor of Santa Ignacia, and has instituted martial law and reinstated the magic curfew and doubled it to include day as well as night times. No one has seen or heard from Rax, he is presumed dead.

AceBuzz also reveals a disturbing secret about Jeff, his frat brother from Wizard House...according to Mage's College records, Jeff dies 2 years ago...which means the Jeff we know and love and distrust, is either an imposter...or has been risen from the grave...

Lets kick off this brand new Dump Stats!


S2E3 - Who Was Phone?

May 1, 2017

Welcome to a new episode of Dump Stats! Our heroes have been sailing for months, avoiding the Canderan Royal Navy and waiting for Nero to awaken from his magically induced slumber. Jurm and Nathaniel recieve a coded message from AceBuzz, an old aquaintance from the Mage's College and a member of Wizard House, the college's only fraternity.

They are to meet AceBuzz at the Los Tres Padres Tavern on the island chain of Arkalia. Can AceBuzz be trusted? What information does he have for the party? I don't know, but I did once see him drink an entire 30 rack of Natty Ice and not puke...It was weird.

Meanwhile, Nero's "dreams" are becoming more and more real, blurring the lines between Life, Death, Reality and Imagination. His only guidance through this "Purple World" is a talkative tree and a mysterious Halfling named Bean Hilltopple. Can Nero navigate his way back to the waking world and away from certain doom? Will the gang ever make sense of their shaky situation? Who was phone?

Find out tonight on...Dump Stats!



S2E2 - Adjusted Alignments (or He’ll Always Be Nero)

April 24, 2017

Tonight on Dump Stats...Nero is still sleeping aboard the Christopher's Cross, but is there more going on in his mind than simple dreams? Nothing is ever simple when it comes to the Bad Humanoids. In the waking world, Jurm and Nathaniel deal with a grumpy Billings, and a restless crew. They assemble an away team to meet AceBuzz at the Los Trés Padres tavern, and set off in a rowboat towards the neutral island chain of Arkalia... put on some coffee, its going to be a long day for our intrepid adventurers.

The Bad Boys of tabletop RPGs are back with another installment of Dump Stats! You may be wondering, are you guys playing Dungeons & Dragons? Pathfinder? Some weird hybrid of the two? The answer is, Pathfinder, but sometimes we forget the rules and our GM improvises and we fall into a weird moshpit of roleplaying goodness. It keeps us on our toes! But the world and characters are 100% original content, created by our criminally insane Dungeon Master (Game Master whatever) and our whackadoo players at the table. 

Thanks everyone for listening! Find us on Facebook and Twitter at @DumpStatsPod! Also leave us a review on whatver platform you are listening on! All feedback is good feedback!



S2E1 - Christopher’s Cross (or Saaaaaiillling….)

April 17, 2017

Its the official Season 2 premiere of Dump Stats! Back by popular demand! We hope you had a Happy Easter, because Dump Stats has officially been resurrected for a second season! We've got more jokes, more dice, more actual rolling of said dice and using the actual game rules! Also we've got more action, more drama and most importantly, MORE EPISODES! 

Big thanks to everyone who has been listening and even giving us your feedback! We've got some awesome artwork from listeners and even some suggestions on how to improve the show and we are improving in every way! 

In our premiere, the Bad Humanoids sail aimlessly in their ships, evading the Royal Navy and attempting to find a cure for Nero's affliction. He has been unconcsious since his run in with Velìa on Isla Norte. Morale is running low, and the ship's crews are getting restless. What will they do now? What can they do? Find out on Dump Stats!


Season One: Recap (or Baby’s First Clip Show)

April 17, 2017

Season 2 is here! Welcome back to all our old fans, and welcome to any new listeners! We know that not everybody has time to binge listen to 33+ hours of tabletop RPG goodness, so we made a clip show! This episode will summarize the major plot points of Season 1, to refresh everyone's memories. It is also a good jumping on point for anybody who just can't fathom the daunting task of listening to four grown men breathing heavily into sweaty microphones for 35 hours.

We have so much enjoyed playing Pathfinder for our listeners, and we appreciate every one of you and value your feedback! Season 2 will be firing off hot! New and improved! Stronger, faster, funnier and more Dump Stattier than ever before!



Ep. 31 - The Beginning of the End Pt II (Season 1 Finale)

March 27, 2017

Its the Season 1 Finale of Dump Stats! Thank you to everyone who has listened to us from the start! And to everyone else, don't worry there will be a season 1 recap episode released soon! But we recommend listening to ALL 31 EPISODES!!!!

We last left our heroes in dire straits! The royal navy is closing in on Isla Norte, and escape for the Bad Humanoids is becoming less and less likely. Governor Delgado is dead (thanks Billings) and Jurm and his crew make their escape INTO the prison! Nathaniel and Dash take on the town guard as they attempt to make off with two ships, The Dame's Kiss and The Old Crone. Meanwhile, Nero has only just escaped his own personal prison, a parallel dimension between time and space, as Stellan faces off against Rax and Gyro is caught somewhere in the middle of it all!

Tune in for the epic conclusion of Dump Stats Season 1! Thank you all for allowing 4 grown men to shamelessly play their favorite game and call it work! We hope you all have and will continue to enjoy our passion for Dungeons & Dragons and storytelling!