S2E16 - New Book, Who Dis?

July 31, 2017

Tonight on Dump Stats...

After narrowly escaping execution on Sol Dominica, the Bad Humanoids set sail as fugitives once again. Accusations fly as Nathanial, Jurm, Nero, Dash and Eldeth all hunt for the traitor in their crew.

Jurm an Nathaniel team up to interrogate crew members, while Dash and Nero butt heads over his deadly new heart-bursting spell Fatal Forfeiture.

Someone has their hand in the proverbial cookie jar, and they might not get it back...


S2E15 - Hearts of Darkness

July 24, 2017

Tonight on Dump Stats...

Nathaniel, Dash and Eldeth race towards the gallows as Jurm faces down his executioner. Meanwhile, Nero works his way through the crowd and plots his own rescue attempt, all while being plagued by visions of dead men.

Jurm rages and laments the loss of his favorite tusk. Nathaniel practices his musketeering skills, and Nero tries out his new spell. 

The Bad Humanoids are in a big pickle, and they still don't know who betrayed them, but one thing they all agree on...snitches get stitches.


S2E14 - Orc Snapped

July 17, 2017

Tonight on Dump Stats...

The Bad Humanoids begin their long walk to the gallows, as Nero scrambles to plan an escape. With no news of the rest of the crew, Jurm, Nate, Dash and Eldeth are on their own. Also, Nero tries out a new spell, while Jurm works on his crowd work. 

Also, Bob, Mike, Rob and John improvise a Tom Waits song!

All this and more on this episode of Dump Stats!


S2E13 - Fatal Forfeiture

July 10, 2017

Tonight on Dump Stats...It's a Trap! Well, it was a trap! The Bad Humanoids were ambushed by Royal Guards as they made port in Sol Dominica. Nathaniel, Dash, Eldeth and Jurm are sitting in a cell, while Nero made a hasty escape by casting Invisibility. His magic use may have backfired, though, as he was once again knocked unconscious and whisked away to the Purple World.

Can Nero wake up in time to save the day? What secrets will he learn in his cosmic travels? Can the rest of the Bad Humanoids escape their captivity? Who is the mole in the Christopher's Cross Crew?

All these questions, and even more on this episode of Dump Stats!



S2E12 - The Christopher’s Double Cross

July 3, 2017

Tonight on Dump Stats!

The Christopher's Cross sails for Sol Dominica, an island of merchants on the way to Candera. As the Bad Humanoids stop here to resupply, the Drake's Sigh and the Old Crone head back to Arkalia, to find the missing crewmate, Georgie. 

Nathanial and Dash go undercover. Jurm starts a fight, and Nero goes to the bathroom! Nathaniel gets a letter from his mother, and Gugnir stays in the bullpen. The Bad Humanoids meet another Governor! All this and more on tonights episode of Dump Stats!



S2E11 - On Screen (or Just Us Lamps)

June 26, 2017

Tonight on Dump Stats... Nero makes a splash at the Captain's Meeting, and defends his decision to meddle with the gods. Nathaniel and Dash keep a secret from Jurm and the other captains, and also share a tender (awkward) moment. 

Jurm and Nero have a private conversation, and later Nathaniel prays to nothing. Acebuzz and Nero also talk about Jeff. There is a lot of talking in this one! The Bad Humanoids go on an Exposition! Get it? Its a play on "expedition."

More conversation! We should call this Conversation Stats, am I right? Or Talking Dumps!

Thanks for listening everyone!



S2E10 - Daddy Issues (or Happy Father’s Day)

June 19, 2017

Tonight on Dump Stats... Nero is the prime suspect in the murder of a crew member aboard the Christopher's Cross. Apparently, the gods don't like being called upon by drug dealing, halfling, burned out wizard pirates. Who'd have thunk?

Nathaniel and Dash spend some quality time together, while the Captains Crowley have an awkward family reunion.

With a Captain's Meeting drawing near, the Bad Humanoids are in quite a conundrum! Are they loyal to the crew? To Nero? Or no one but themselves? Also, what the hell happened to Georgie! 

Find out tonight on Dump Stats!

Happy Father's Day to all you Dad Humanoids out there!


S2E9 - Unusual Suspects

June 12, 2017

Tonight, on Dump Stats...

After a dead body is found on the Christopher's Cross, the Bad Humanoids investigate, and Nero becomes a prime suspect. His defense? A god did it. 

Nero's cosmic meddling may be more trouble than it's worth...but at least Jurm gets to do his best Law & Order bits on this brand new episode of...Dump Stats!


S2E8 - Au’Roq-Fas’il

June 5, 2017

Tonight on Dump Stats... The crew of the Christopher's Cross has a rough day at sea. Nero's recent chat with Voska may be coming back to bite the Bad Humanoids in the ass. Nathaniel takes a look through his mother's old journal, and has a supernatural experience of his own. 

Meanwhile, Jurm sets a course for a nearby port, planning to regroup and resupply. But with the way things are going lately, the ship and its crew might not make the journey in one piece.

One thing is certain...the Bad Humanoids are not alone...


S2E7 - Are You There Gods? It’s Me, Nero…

May 29, 2017

Tonight on Dump Stats...Happy Memorial Day! 

The Christopher's Cross is heading to New Gampshire, and the Bad Humanoids are doing their best to keep it together. Jurm is nursed back to health by an increasingly drunken Eldeth Smashington, Nathaniel recieves correspondence from his estranged mother, and Nero makes a very long distance call. 

With their rebellion in dire straits, the gang heads for New Gampshire with hopes of assistance from Nero's noble family. Nathanial learns more about Voska, Valía and his own family...and Jurm learns that getting in bar fiights with Half-Giants has consequences...

Will the Christopher's Cross reach safe harbor? Will Nero's curiosity cause problems for the crew? Will Nathaniel and Dash ever be a thing? Who knows? Find out on this episode of Dump Stats!