S3E10 - Shardoq

January 15, 2018

Tonight on Dump Stats...

After facing down their fears in level nine, our heroes are starting to get weary. Now, the Bad Humanoids enter the tenth level of the Basilica, and find another dangerous encounter. Is it a trap? Most certainly! If it wasn't a trap, this wouldn't be Dump Stats!

Climb to the top of the dungeon in this brand new Dump Stats!


S3E9 - Fear Itself

January 8, 2018

Previously, on Dump Stats...after balancing the Scales of Sacrifice, the Bad Humanoids learn more about Vaska, Velia, Willow and other players in this cosmic struggle of past and future. Later, Jurm reveals a piece of his past.

Tonight, the Bad Humanoids face the most challenging foe of all...and I'm not talking about a Gravlanx. 

Welcome back! We hope you all had a Happy Vaskañar! Thanks for being patient, and without further delay, the latest episode of Dump Stats!



S3E8 - The Scales of Sacrifice

December 18, 2017

Tonight on Dump Stats...

After narrowly surviving a riot at a wasteland arena, the Bad Humanoids push on through the Basillica. They are challenged with a puzzle, and learn a thing or two about sacrifices, and asking for help. Later, the gang learns a bit more about the Followers of Aleis, and the politics of Candera. Even later still, the Bad Humanoids look within themselves and get their ascension on!

Will they ever make it through this dungeon? And will they ever be the same? Find out on Dump Stats!


S3E7 - Thank You! (Thank You!)

December 11, 2017

Tonight on Dump Stats...

The Bad Humanoids press on into the Basillica of St. Jermaine, where a new puzzle awaits them. Jurm makes a bet, Nero struggles with his magic, and Nathaniel meets the locals. But where are they? And more importantly when?

Things get loopy on this episode of Dump Stats!


S3E6 - Gods, Lies & Cataclysms

December 4, 2017

Tonight on Dump Stats...

The Bad Humanoids press on through the Basillica of St. Jermaine, stumbling through traps, battles and riddles of otherworldly proportions. They have been presented with a puzzling prophecy, defeated a mechanical army, danced with memories and fought a masked villain from another planet.

What awaits them in the next level of this devious dungeon? Is any of this real? Is it all an elaborate ruse? What is Aleis's part in this grand cosmic nightmare? Most importantly, will any of them make it out alive?

Unravel the mystery on this episode of Dump Stats...



S3E5 - The Masked Terrorist (ft. ‘Lil Milish)

November 27, 2017

Tonight on Dump Stats...

The Bad Humanoids continue their quest through the Basillica of St. Jermaine. With each level revealing more about the mysterious temple, our heroes must endure challenges of mind, body and spirit if they hope to unravel the whole mystery.

Will they make it out alive? Will Nathaniels mother be at the end of this maze? Will the Bad Humanoids grow closer together? Further apart? Implode? Explode? Find out on this episode of Dump Stats!

Y'all come back now!


S3E4 - Velía Was a Bullfrog

November 20, 2017

We're back! And only a few hours late this time! 

After finding his childhood home, Gampstead Heath, all but abandoned, Nero and the Bad Humanoids set off to find the Basillica of St. Jermaine. On the advice of Turt Brockman, Nero's lifelong butler and caretaker, the gang gears up at Brimley's the local Super Store. 

After a healthy debate about labor laws and the ethics of unions, the Bad Humanoids (ft. Sneak) take advantage of rolled back prices and acquire some new gear.

After dodging some Royal inquiries, they take shelter at a tavern where they meet two strangers and one living fart, (a dwarf, a human and a pompus elf, respectively). They call themselves the Followers of Aleis, and claim to know the Bad Humanoids by reputation, and more importantly they know the way to the basillica.

But, can they be trusted? Who knows? For now, Nathanial is keeping his family tree a secret from the newcomers, as they set off in search of Nathanials mother and the Basillica of St. Jermaine...


S3E3 - The Order of Aleis

November 13, 2017

Welcome back to Dump Stats, voted Most Plagued with Technical Difficulties by Podcast Quarterly! Thank you all for your patience, we are finally back!

On tonight's episode, the Bad Humanoids enter a tavern...thats it! Just kidding, tonight, the plot thickens as the gang enters a local New Gampshire tavern disguised as Royal Soldiers and their prisoners, the old Half-Orc/Halfling prisoner trick! Here they search for answers about the mysterious lost Basillica and their enigmatic hand-drawn map!

Lets see if they put their new Brimley's gear to the test!

It's good to be back y'all!



S3E2 - Welcome to Brimley’s

October 23, 2017

Tonight on Dump Stats...

After avoiding a squad of Royal Army goons at Gampstead Heath, The Bad Humanoids set off towards Brimley's, the wonderful superstore in New Gampshire. They have everything from bait & tackle to waffle makers to magic weapons and armor!

Unfortunately, the employees are not unionized, and its hard to make a living wage with only part time work available.

All this and more on Dump Stats!!!


S3E1 - The Mad Humanoids

October 16, 2017

Last time on Dump Stats, after finally making it safely to New Gampshire, the Bad Humanoids realize that something isn't quite right at Gampstead Heath. Nero's chilhood home is abandoned, except for his aging butler Turt Brocket (I know, just let it go).

While Turt is a welcome sight, Nero's family is nowhere to be found... As if this weren't frightening enough, Nero experiences visions of dead friends and family, all giving him cryptic warnings and vague threats.

There's something rotten in New Gampshire, and the Bad Humanoids are on the case!

Welcome to Season 3!