S3E34 - The Key to Peace

July 16, 2018

Tonight on Dump Stats... The Bad Humanoids hit level 24 of the Basilica, and no one seems to be happy about it. Jurm reads a book. Nate finds a keyhole, Nero does some magic, and the gang almost slips into a rendition of A Christmas Carol...almost. What is the Key to Peace? Will they find it? If so, will they like what they find? They haven't so far...but things change? Right? Find out tonight on Dump Stats!


S3E33 - The Path of the Hero

July 9, 2018

Tonight on Dump Stats... The Bad Humanoids move upward to the next level of the Basilica. Pepri tries to earn back his honor. Nero does some gardening, Sneak gets a workout, Jurm does some light climbing and heavy thinking. Nathaniel examines some fruit. Later, the Bad Humanoids get an offer they can't refuse... or can they?


S3E32 - In the Bag

July 2, 2018

Tonight on Dump Stats...

Nathaniel decides Pepri's fate. Nero investigates the dwarf's Bag of Holding, and tempts the fate of a nation. Jurm and Nate negotiate a sandwich parable. And the Bad Humanoids attempt to make contact with their old crew. 

The end is closer than ever, can the group survive this latest treachery? Can they finish the Basilica in time? Is there a time limit when you are outside of time? Questions? More Questions?

All this and more on Dump Stats!!!!


S3E31 - Treachery

June 25, 2018

Tonight on Dump Stats... after aquiring the Lidless Eye, the Bad Humanoids speculate on the parallels between their own story and the story of Wraith and his cohorts. Meanwhile, there is treachery afoot, and Detective Jurm is on the case...


S3E30 - The Lidless Eye

June 18, 2018

Tonight on Dump Stats... Sam Elliot does a Brimley's spot. The Bad Humanoids continue to investigate their surroundings. They seem to be in a scene from another world's history, but the similarities to their own are too close for comfort. As they search for more of the Wondrous 8...they have a run in with the illusive and mysterious Wraith...

Also, the gang critiques art.

What does it all mean? Where is it all going? Find out tonight on Dump Stats!


S3E29 - The Reluctant One

June 11, 2018

Tonight on Dump Stats... after surviving the Hellevator, and locating the weapon Paxbringer, the Bad Humanoids look to locate more of the Wondrous 8. The gang goes to a dinner party! Nathaniel dances. Nero can't seem to flag down a waiter. Jurm learns that all worlds are racist, and as usual... the gang splits the party.

Thanks for listening!


S3E28 - Hellevator Pt. II

June 4, 2018

Tonight on Dump Stats... "'Assemble the Wondrous 8 and do what I could not...' - Wraith" - Michael Scott.

With these instructions, the Bad Humanoids descend into the void on a creepy elevator. They are set upon by a pack (gaggle? pod? school? murder?) of vicious undead vampires. Just when they think the battle is won, a new arrival appears to turn the tide against the Bad Humanoids...

Witness the gripping conclusion to the Hellevator adventure!


S3E27 - Hellevator Pt. I

May 28, 2018

Tonight on Dump Stats... The Bad Humanoids are going down. Down a rickety old elevator that is! Their quest through the Basillica takes them down into the darkness, and shows them a glimpse of another band of adventurers who may have preceded them. And more than a glimpse of some baddies in the depths...


S3E26 - A Short Rest (Please Leave a Message)

May 21, 2018

After their battle with Shardoq 2.0, the Bad Humanoids take a break. Bob, John, Rob and Mike record their voicemail greeting. Nero gets a message from Aleis. Jurm and Nate contemplate the impossible.

Thanks for listening!!


S3E25 - Shardoq Pt. II

May 14, 2018

Tonight on Dump Stats... Its the end of stage 2 of the Basillica. What awaits for our heroes between the last two sections? Why does this damn place have so many floors? Will they ever find the answers they seek? Does the title give away the episode? 

All this and more on Dump Stats!