S3E18 - Five Headed Dragon Pt. I

March 12, 2018

Tonight on Dump Stats... After solving a puzzle in te last room of the Basilica, the Bad Humanoids are attacked by the statues they so carefully put in place just moments before. Nero summons a monster, Jurm uses his Damage Resistance, and Nathaniel sings some John Mayer!

Just as the Bad Humanoids begin their battle, the battle for the Alabama Senate comes to a close as Doug Jones defeats alleged pedophile Roy Moore. 

Can evil be defeated both inside the game and out? Find out tonight on Dump Stats!


S3E17 - Choices

March 5, 2018

Tonight on Dump Stats... The Bad Humanoids push on through the Basilica. In the last episode, Nero entered a strange portal and found his old acquaintance Bean Hilltopple waiting for him. They discussed Nero's past and his future, as well as the fate of Aleis. 

Now, tune in to see what the portal has in store for the rest of the Bad Humanoids!

Thanks for listening all you Bad Humanites out there!


S3E16 - Scrimp Stats (or Talking Scrimps)

February 26, 2018

Tonight on Dump Stats... After making some shocking discoveries about Rax, David and King Alfonso, the Bad Humanoids prepare to take on the rest of the Basilica. Jurm learns about some ancient artifacts. Nero makes a long distance call, and the gang all get creh and start messing around with some portals. 

Also, Bob talks like and old cajun shrimpboat captain.

All this and more on Dump Stats!


S3E15 - Revelations (Or Another Damn Puzzle)

February 19, 2018

Tonight on Dump Stats... The Bad Humanoids make some startling discoveries about the nature of their enemies, their deities, their mentors and even themselves. Destiny has brought them together for a reason...but they haven't quite figured out what that reason is.

More intrigue, more puzzles, more history, more religion...more Dump Stats!!!!


S3E14 - Its Always Tax Time

February 12, 2018

Tonight on Dump Stats... lots of talking. The Bad Humanoids continue with their much needed respite, after their harrowing encounter with a Blood Priest in the last room. 

Nero observes his surroundings, and later makes a long-distance call. Nathaniel studies his notes, Jurm connects some dots, and Alan Davenport audits the Basilica for insurance liabilities. 

All this and more on this episode of Dump Stats!


S3E13 - A Much Needed Rest

February 5, 2018

Tonight on Dump Stats, the Bad Humanoids take a much needed rest. After many harrowing levels of the basillica, they find themselves exhausted, with the weight of their last battle heavy upon their souls.

Tere is NOTHING easy about drowning a man in a pool of blood. And the Bad Humanoids have this and more to dicsuss on this latest episode of Dump Stats! Lets get psuedo-philosophical! Or not!


S3E12 - Shaman Bloody Shaman

January 29, 2018

After a harrowing climb to the the next section of the Basilica, the Bad Humanoids and friends venture deeper into this maze of treachery and deceit. 

Tonight, the gang rests, explores the next tier of the basilica, explores a graveyard, meets a Shaman, checks in with the other Captain Crowley, and ultimately bumbles their way through a solid hour of roleplaying hijinx. 

Thanks for listening to Dump Stats! The Podcast!


S3E11 - Movin’ On Up

January 22, 2018

Previously on Dump Stats, after stumbling into an obvious trap, and defeating the first form of the demon Shardoq, the Bad Humanoids have an elevator to catch. Nathaniel, Nero, Jurm, Sneak, Pepri and Mirantha all ascend the basilica, and BE AFRAID, because this elevator has NOT been inspected by Cherie Berry. 


Find on on Dump Stats! Thanks for listening!


S3E10 - Shardoq

January 15, 2018

Tonight on Dump Stats...

After facing down their fears in level nine, our heroes are starting to get weary. Now, the Bad Humanoids enter the tenth level of the Basilica, and find another dangerous encounter. Is it a trap? Most certainly! If it wasn't a trap, this wouldn't be Dump Stats!

Climb to the top of the dungeon in this brand new Dump Stats!


S3E9 - Fear Itself

January 8, 2018

Previously, on Dump Stats...after balancing the Scales of Sacrifice, the Bad Humanoids learn more about Vaska, Velia, Willow and other players in this cosmic struggle of past and future. Later, Jurm reveals a piece of his past.

Tonight, the Bad Humanoids face the most challenging foe of all...and I'm not talking about a Gravlanx. 

Welcome back! We hope you all had a Happy Vaskañar! Thanks for being patient, and without further delay, the latest episode of Dump Stats!